Features of Pineapple Stuffing

Growth in the special environment of Southern Tainan

KILING is a Tainan-based company located at the Guanmiao-Hsinhua-Yongkang triangle of pineapple cultivation and distribution. The hills in southern Taiwan are characterized with red sandy soil, good water drainage and adequate sunlight and are known to produce quality Smooth Cayenne-Rough Pineapple and Native Pineapple, and those cultivated at Lujun Mountain, Guanmiao District are especially good.

In early years, the stuffing contains coarse fiber and is disliked by some. With innovative technology, we harnessed the advantages of local harvests and developed new "premium" and "gold premium" products, which are especially suitable for pineapple cake.

The best material is used  Based on strict standards

"Pineapple, Premium Grade" and “Pineapple, Gold Premium Grade” are produced with the local harvest based on strict standards. Pineapples are sorted, screened after harvest to ensure quality.

We emphasize "eat fresh with local materials" and value hygiene, health and natural taste, and believe that genuineness is the most important ingredient in every bite. Products